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Wedding Advice

Lonely Planet Honeymoon Handbook

22nd February 2017
Honeymoon Guide

Lonely Planet has just released it’s very own handbook for honeymooners.  If you’re a fan of the Lonely Planet guides which tend to feature places and activities outside the well worn paths of the masses then this might be one for you. The book …

Wedding flowers – an alternative

10th February 2017
wedding flowers

Dried Wedding Flowers Occasionally in the wedding industry, you’ll find a business that pops up offering an alternative to the traditional.  Something you may not even had known was an option.  The Floral Archives makes bespoke dried wedding flowers bouquets, posies, headdresses …

Wedding Dress Examples – Part Three

7th February 2017
Wiltshire Wedding Photographer

If you’re joining from facebook, welcome to Greg James Photography and Film.  You’ll find what you came to see below as well as Part one and Two of the blog series.  I hope you find it useful and if you do, why …

Unplugged Weddings

3rd February 2017
unplugged wedding

What is an Unplugged Wedding?   I first heard of “unplugged weddings” less than a year ago when a client of mine told me that she was banning the posting of any images of her wedding on Facebook or twitter. She knew …

Wedding Planning Timeline

26th September 2016
wedding timeline

This great little infographic “Wedding Planning Timeline” was sent to me by Adorn Wedding Invitations.  It’s a great quick glance guide to what to do and when to do it when you’re planning a wedding.  Obviously this isn’t going to apply to …

Wedding speeches cheat sheet.

2nd September 2016
wedding speeches

The Sheraton Hotel has put together an infographic to help you with writing those wedding speeches.  Drawn from a variety of sources, it’s a quick checklist of do’s and don’ts for the loved ones who have been entrusted with the spotlight (and …

Natural Light Photography

16th May 2016

Myth: A Natural light photographer is more professional….  Not true. All photographers will prefer to work with natural light.   I’m one of them.  In fact the vast majority of my photographs are entirely natural light but there are times when natural light …

Finding time for your wedding photography

14th March 2016
wedding fireworks

Finding time for your wedding photography during your wedding day doesn’t need to be a challenge or a compromise.  As I’ve mentioned in a previous post Handy Wedding Tips and Timings , timing is everything and setting aside 15 – 20 minutes alone …